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Posted on October 31, 2016

Making a relocatable cabin feel like home

Our relocatable cabins come with basic needs like a kitchen, bathroom, and most importantly air conditioning for those sticky hot Sydney summers. But when it comes to furniture it's totally up to you. We've listed out a few things to keep in mind when creating your vision for the ultimate arrangement.

Will it fit?

Keep in mind you have 2.4mx7.8m of home to deal with… it's not your usual house situation! You want to be aiming to create a liveable area with furniture that's small and functional. Before heading out to Ikea, check out our floor plans to give yourself an idea of what could fit where. Then get to work with your pen, paper and ruler to plan what you want and what size it would have to be to fit well.

Floor plan for 1 bed studio relocatable cabin

Work with what you've got

Our relocatable cabins are new with a modern design – and being built as you read this post! Try to stick to the existing aesthetic and embrace the modern feel. It will look a stack better than trying to style it like a hipster Newtown apartment with retro fittings and décor that matches your china. When it comes to renting, it's best to work with what's already there.

Don't waste your air space

You may be worried about how you're going to fit all of your life into a 1 bedroom cabin – but with some careful thought you won't have to throw out your photo collection just yet.

When selecting furniture, consider the space it takes up and the space it makes available to you. When selecting a bed, table or couch, make sure it has space beneath for storage.

You don't have the luxury of in built wardrobes, so you'll have to be clever with your choice of a thin free standing wardrobe.

Modern style relocatable cabin for rent with furniture. Featuring a couch, double bed and kitchen table that sits four people. Suitable for a couple looking for cheap accommodation.

Liven it up

Bring life to your relocatable cabin with whatever you feel like. This is your chance to make it feel like home. Hang plants off the verandah or paintings on existing shelving. Mirrors add great depth and will make your home look bigger than it is, and a thick carpet mat could make it feel more cosy.