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Posted on December 16, 2016

Temporary Accommodation Options

Anyone can find themselves stuck for temporary accommodation options at some point. Whether building your dream home on a new block of land, or looking to get back on your feet from some kind of mishap. We know how stressful it can be looking for a temporary home, hence we've laid out some of the most popular options to help narrow down your search time.


Much like Uber or Lyft, Airbnb acts as a third-party broker between its community. It's the perfect mix between couch surfing and your traditional rental site. You can find quick temporary accommodation in your area for a reasonable price - homely feel included.

Sadly you can't take their review system too seriously, and people can be put off by its lack of privacy, poor consistency and the fact that it can be hit and miss dealing with real everyday people.

Room share

This is a simple way to sacrifice privacy for money. You'll find it common among college students who are known for empty pockets, or people just wanting to save a bit of money. As a temporary accommodation solution - it's cheap and easy to ask a friend if you can stay for a while. Just don't overstay your welcome, they are doing you a huge favour! Not doing your dishes is a great way to make enemies.

A hostel room with bunk beds showing one of many temporary accommodation options


Cheap, easy to find, and almost everywhere. There are some really nice hostels out there, but you pay for what you get. If you can take sleeping in a room with 8-20 people and love hanging out with tourists and hearing their stories (and inhaling their weed) you can make some significant savings. But do your research -  there are some horror stories out there. Say it's roughly $30 a night at your local hostel. It might be worth staying there for a few nights until you can find a nicer room to yourself for a similar price per week.

Or start learning German - those people love to travel!

Transportable cabin

You may have land through an investment you one day hope to build on. Maybe your friend has a large unused backyard? If either of these is the case, a transportable cabin might be a great option. Instead of searching and moving to your temporary accommodation, it moves to you. Choose the floor plan that meets your own needs and only rent it for the time you need. It may not be the best option for everyone, but if you have the land it is definitely worth looking into.

Transportable cabins located along the coastline of NSW at a caravan home


Personal favourite - as this one usually comes free. If family is happy to have you and you can fit, hands down best option. Family often seems to have a supernatural talent of putting up with each other. In saying that, we may get enquiries for our temporary homes from people wanting to get AWAY from family and have their own space in the backyard.

Everyone has seperate needs - we hope this list has given you a good place to start.